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RIP H. R. Giger

The world of the fantastic lost two giants these past few days. Artist/Sculptor Patrick Woodroffe passed away on the 10th of May and Artist/Sculptor H. R. Giger left us yesterday; the 12th of May.  And it’s sad irony that both men were born in 1940.

Both Mr. Giger and Mr. Woodroffe left behind a body of work that affected millions of genre fans of  art, literature, and film.  In comparison, the styles of these two artists stood across from each other as direct opposites. Giger’s was dark and nightmarish while Woodroffe’s was light and tended towards surrealism.

(vía cineadictos)


Some objects from the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at LACMA

Photographs by rcribbett and helium heels

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